Seoul Semiconductor’s WICOP Series Bi-Color LEDs Shine in Audi A4 Headlights for Model Year 2020

ANSAN, South Korea (September 23, 2020) – Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 046890), a leading global innovator of LED products and technology, announced that it has supplied its WICOP (Wafer Integrated Chip on PCB) Series bi-color (two colors in one package) LED products for the daylight running lights and front turn signals of the 2020 Audi A4 (B9 facelift) headlamp.

This is the first example of Seoul Semiconductor’s WICOP Series LEDs being mounted in an Audi headlamp. The WICOP Series bi-color LEDs represent a core patented technology of Seoul Semiconductor that includes both white and yellow LEDs in a single package. WICOP Series LED chips are designed to directly mount on the circuit board without additional packaging, delivering superior COA (color over angle), higher brightness, and reduced space.

“The narrow space between the light emitting surfaces of the WICOP bi-color LED enables it to light up one cavity with yellow for the turn signal and the other with white for the daylight running lamps,” said Dr. Michael Hamm, manager of headlamp development for Audi. “This advantage opens up the possibility of slimmer headlamp designs.”

Seoul Semiconductor has already developed a more compact “Gen2” WICOP mini bi-color LED, incorporating the existing WICOP advantages in combination with even slimmer footprint.

“The WICOP Gen2 Series LEDs have been developed as a light source suitable for automobile primary headlamps, daytime running lights and turn indicators. In addition, we are developing an ultra-high luminance version – the WICOP UHL Series – with superior luminance and heat dissipation performance for the next generation of slim headlamps,” said In Heum Park, vice president of the automotive division of Seoul Semiconductor. “European headlamp customer inquiries for our innovative products have increased, and we have been engaged with customers in more than 20 headlamp projects for next generation cars.”

WICOP Series LED technology has a broad application base, not only for vehicle lighting, but for high-brightness TVs and LCD backlights for mobile phones, flash functions for smartphone cameras, and high-power general lighting applications. They deliver excellent thermal conductivity and are easy to configure light, thin, and compact lenses.

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About Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor is the world’s second-largest global LED manufacturer, a ranking excluding the captive market, and has more than 14,000 patents. Based on a differentiated product portfolio, Seoul offers a wide range of technologies, and mass produces innovative LED products for indoor and outdoor lighting, automotive, IT products, such as mobile phone, computer displays, and other applications, as well as the UV area. The company’s world’s first development and mass production products are becoming LED industry standard and leading the global market with a package-free LED, WICOP; a high-voltage AC-driven LED, Acrich; an LED with 10X the output of a conventional LED, nPola; a cutting edge ultraviolet clean technology LED, Violeds; an all direction light emitting technology, filament LED; a natural spectrum LED, SunLike; and more. For more information, please visit

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