JLC-Tech and North America Lighting Settle Patent Lawsuit

Pembroke, MA – USA | May 18, 2022 – JLC-Tech, LLC and North America Lighting, LLC announce that they have settled a patent infringement lawsuit, JLC-Tech LLC v. North America Lighting, LLC, Case No. 1:20-cv-01203-SAG, that JLC-Tech filed in federal district court in Maryland in 2020. The lawsuit related to the sale of certain LED lighting products that NAL imported into the United States from Shenzhen OKT Lighting Co., Ltd. and its affiliates. The final judgement per the settlement agreement, for this lawsuit, was entered in favor of JLC-Tech LLC and against North America Lighting LLC. The Consent Injunction order can be read here.

JLC-Tech’s CFO, Mia Antonia states, “JLC is a pioneer in architectural integrated LED lighting solutions, including our flagship T-BAR LED® product line. We protect our innovations with over 40 U.S. and International patents and patent applications. We are pleased to have resolved this matter with NAL and look forward to continuing to provide our innovative lighting products to the Architectural market.”

North America Lighting’s President, Michael Claypool, states “We are pleased to have resolved this matter on mutually agreeable terms. NAL respects the intellectual property rights of others, and the settlement of this matter involving products supplied to us by a third-party is consistent with our company’s core values.”

On May 12, 2020, JLC-Tech LLC filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the District Court of Maryland, against North America Lighting LLC (NAL) located in Linthicum, Maryland. JLC-Tech alleged that certain NAL lighting products – the Mister T T-Grid Linear Light and T-Grid LED Linear Light – infringed its United States Patent No. 10,508,805. JLC-Tech alleged that the products in question in the lawsuit were imported from a manufacturer known as Shenzhen OKT Lighting, Ltd., and that they infringed a JLC-Tech patent covering its T-BAR LED product lines.  The lawsuit sought injunctive relief against NAL’s future importation and sales of these products, and monetary damages for NAL’s past importation and sales in the United States of the products.

JLC-Tech previously filed a lawsuit against OKT Lighting on May 4, 2017 in the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania for infringement of a JLC-Tech patent and three copyrights. The case was also settled in favor of JLC-Tech.

JLC-Tech deeply values its developed intellectual property. “We take threats to these intellectual property rights seriously. We value our relationships with our sales representatives, specifiers and clients and are dedicated to protecting their designs and reputations. Furthermore, we feel it is our responsibility as a US manufacturer to offer quality products to the market and not allow them to be confused with infringing knock-offs. JLC-Tech has multiple patents and patent applications covering our product offerings. While these patents provide JLC-Tech with significant protection, forceful action is sometimes needed to enforce these rights which is why we will continue to take action when we believe it is needed.” – Mia Antonia – Principal Partner JLC-Tech LLC

About JLC-Tech:
JLC-Tech was founded in 2010 with one singular vision: to create unique and useful LED lighting fixtures. Based out of Pembroke, MA — USA, the company is dedicated to maximizing the energy saving qualities of LEDs and marrying them to modern, creative and structurally integrated designs for commercial spaces. JLC-Tech’s flagship product, the T-BAR LED®, is a prime example of the company mission and dedication coming to life.  The JLC-Tech T-BAR LED® is designed, approved by ceiling manufacturers, and patented to replace the cross members in a suspended-grid ceiling system.

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