ProCents Update – “The Power of Connections” – Growing and Having Fun!

Growth, as it is with success, is not only contagious but has the potential to become habitual and even addictive. ProCents is growing and is preparing for a future built to change and improve the way Buyers and Sellers connect, do business, and grow:

  • Activity Increased 52% — (PO’s Sent/Received within the environment)
  • Revenues Increased 89% — (Transaction Fees Received due to the participant activity)
  • Adoption Increased 13% — (New Sellers, Distributors, or Buyers entering the ProCents environment)
  • ProCents participation Increased by 20% — (The number of current members actively engaging with other members within the ProCents environment)
  • Current Active Member Participation – 35% are currently active – (Defined as any member who has sent or received a PO in Q1)

In the early days of any new idea, messaging and “The story” are at the center of a growing organization’s lifeblood and its Metrics help to drive that story and craft each message. At ProCents, based on the above metrics alone, our present is on fire and our future looks very bright. That said, our message and purpose are solid on their own merits and are the reason behind the growth seen in the above metrics.

ProCents is dedicated to becoming the lighting industry’s desired Buyer & Seller environment where industry players participate in a unified and collaborative practice of achieving brand awareness, an equalizing playing field, and organizational growth for all participants!”

ProCents supports the industry as it is today – an evolving environment where activities occur through a wide variety of interactions that can turn Buyers in to Sellers, and vice versa. The channels are defined by ProCents in the following way:

  • Direct Seller Channel – Typically Tier-2 manufacturers willing to connect directly and sell direct to today’s ESCOs, VARs, and energy driven lighting contractors.
  • Distribution Channel – The legacy channel typically providing ProCents participants access to today’s Tier-1 manufacturers who sell “only” through distribution channels.
  • OEM & Collaborative Interaction Channel – ProCents manufacturers (Sellers) who sell to one another in an OEM capacity or for the purposes of providing solutions where solutions may be currently absent with the purpose of strengthening all member participant’s ability to supply and close project opportunities!

Our Q1 metrics included the OEM & Collaborative Interaction Channel activities showcasing that our members are purposely looking for partnerships as well as new customer acquisition opportunities. This is a powerful concept and follows a philosophy of “Tier-2’s collaborating for the best benefit of the industry!” ProCents definitely sees the industry in its full potential and believes that our culture is at the core capable of solving the majority of today’s challenges through Communication practices:

  • Same Day Responses to ALL communication requests!
  • Clear and consistent communication practices for efficient interactions!
  • Always turning inward for your organizational needs in a deliberate effort to support the environment and all participating members!
  • And, it should go without saying – but I’ll say it anyway – “Do what you say you’re going to do – Always!”

ProCents is currently seeding the environment and would LOVE to meet to discuss your entry into the ProCents family! Contact any one of our ProCents Leadership Team to get on our calendars and we’ll make it a priority to accommodate your schedule for a formal introduction!  The time to act is right now! Let’s do this!

A Message from the CEO:

ProCents Leadership Team:

We look forward to meeting you!

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