LightFair 2022: Closing Comments

We are hearing a few people that attended LightFair have been diagnosed with COVID and we are trying to learn more.  Please send any details that you are comfortable sharing to [email protected] and be sure and let me know if your comments are on-the-record or off-the-record.

I thought it was a great show, especially Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  Except for 2021, it felt like the lowest attended Thursday ever.  Thursday is always slow, so it is a great time for me to visit booths and look at products.

  • Ledalite from Signify had a fascinating display. They brought me in a room with simulated sunlight, that mimicked the color temperature of the Las Vegas sun at the same exact time of day. In 2014 your humble editor first saw a skylight by Coelux, and we were so impressed we gave it a LightTrades™ award—one of the best products launched at any tradeshow that year.  We have seen similar products from Cree and LIGHTGLASS.  At LightFair we were treated to the Signify Ledalite Nature Connect product, which brings outdoors inside.  In addition to the faux sunlight, the technology also adjusts the ambient lighting in the room. It is very natural because the entire feel of the room changes. 
  • Tivoli showed me their LINElight series, a Quick-Connect providing a seamless visual between fixtures, resulting in an uninterrupted line of light. This was a very beautifully designed product.
  • Cooper Lighting Solutions displayed beautiful 3-D printed products. This technology is gaining traction, and Cooper and Signify seem to be taking the lead.
  • Adam Lilien of UL showed me their new robot featuring their circadian field measurement system. We are happy to see UL playing such a large role in this emerging field.
  • LEDVANCE demonstrated Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to program a driver using a smart phone.  In another lifetime I did something similar to reprogram electronic HID ballasts—only I used an RS232 port!  The LEDVANCE technology is so advanced, it does not require the driver to be energized.  It reminded me of Apple Pay.
  • StrongLED strapped something to my head to measure my brain. It took a while, but they did detect some activity. They measured attention and meditation under fluorescent lights at 4100K, then under various CCT’s with LED.  It was interesting, and each source showed significant changes.  They measured alpha, high alpha, low beta, and high beta.  This was quite interesting.  Showing brainwave changes based on light is a great tool toward educating the industry on the importance of circadian stimulus.

Overall, it was a great show and exceeded my expectations.  We published over 30 individual videos — a record for EdisonReport.

Acuity did not participate in LightFair, and that was disappointing.  Speaking of which, I am quite concerned about Light + Building. The big manufacturers that I normally visit are not exhibiting.  That is another story for another day.  At the airport now and headed home!

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