At Least 43 People that Attended LightFair have COVID

Updated: 27 JUN 2022; 9:10 am EST.

As of this writing, EdisonReport can count 43 people from 10 different companies that attended LightFair and have COVID. It does not mean that all 43 contracted the virus at LightFair. In fact, one well known person told me that symptoms began early in the show, and that person feels like the infection happened the preceding week, possibly in New York at the IESNYC Lumen Gala.

I posted an article late Friday in my Closing Comments as I was at the airport and leaving Las Vegas.  We received several emails over the weekend. In addition, we are seeing comments on LinkedIn.

Several people volunteered that they were double vaxxed and double boosted. Two people said they wore masks throughout their time at the convention center.  But, we do not know if people caught this at the show, at our Lifetime Achievement Awards, or at the bar at Piero’s, which seemed to be the #1 hangout place for the industry.

Please send any details that you are comfortable sharing to [email protected] and be sure and let me know if your comments are on-the-record or off-the-record.  We will not publish your name or your company name without your permission.

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