Nichia’s Award Winning H6 Series of LEDs Are Now Ready for the Next Stage of General Illumination

Tokushima, Japan – 3 October 2022: The excitement and success of Nichia’s H6 Series of LEDs continues to grow, now even more considering the big market potential generated from new licensing agreements with our partners.  Nichia is proud to announce that the H6 Series of LEDs are now ready for a new era of LED adoption where the focus on quality of light can take center stage without compromise.

It became accepted in the industry that the trade-off between achieving high lumen efficacy and high CRI / TM-30 was difficult to overcome. However, the H6 Series of LEDs capitalizes on Nichia’s 50+ years of phosphors and LED expertise and technology, in combination with TriGain® Technology from Current. This powerful combination led to a technology breakthrough, overcoming the trade-off between efficacy and CRI, by delivering the industry’s highest joint-boost in color quality and efficacy. Recently, Nichia and its partners agreed to new licensing agreements that will now expand the markets for Nichia’s H6 Series of LEDs into residential lighting applications globally, in addition to commercial lighting applications. With the new agreements in place, the H6 Series of LEDs authors a new era of LED adoption, one where the bar is raised for quality of light, establishing the new standard for the general illumination market. While Nichia has been honored with various awards and recognition since the launch of the H6 Series in 2021, the market expansion further cements the technology’s legacy in SSL adoption.

Nichia continuously explores how light brings value and enhances people’s life and will endlessly pursue the ideal light source.

For more information about H6 Series, refer to Nichia’s website.

Note: TriGain® is a registered trademark of Current Lighting Solutions, LLC.

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