FSC Lighting Offers Price Reduction on Approximately 100 SKUs

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA. — FSC Lighting, a leading commercial, and industrial lighting manufacturer, reduced pricing for a variety of LED lighting fixtures.

“Even with the current economic recessionary turmoil, I have some good news to share with you all,” said Vincent Alonzi, President and CEO of FSC Lighting, “While our industry continues to struggle against tariffs, inflationary pressures in most raw inputs, labor, and logistics costs, there has been a retraction with our pricing due to increased design efficiencies, modifications and strategic alliances with several of our raw material suppliers.”

These reductions in costs translate to a 5%-20% reduction in the sale price for approximately 100 FSC Lighting SKU’s. These new prices are in full effect as of today for all orders placed after this announcement.

We appreciate your business and are working hard to remain competitive in this challenging business environment. If you have not yet received new FSC Lighting pricing from your local REP, please contact your FSC Representative for this and any additional information desired.

About FSC Lighting

FSC Lighting (“FSC”), (www.fsclighting.com), founded in 1969 and headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, manufactures customized, energy-efficient lighting solutions for industrial, commercial, and retail clients across the country. Products can be quickly customized for lighting retrofit projects as well as new construction. FSC’s continued success stems from its mission – “go beyond efficiency” at every level. This means providing comprehensive product support, fast and cost-efficient customization, advanced controls, and innovative, application-specific lighting solutions for clients. For employees and the community at large, going beyond efficiency means building a supportive, stable, and empowering work environment- like the company’s “Made With Care” program, which integrates developmentally disabled adults into the workforce.

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