ADLT Acquires Cree Lighting

EdisonReport has learned that Advanced Lighting Technologies, LLC (ADLT) has just closed a deal to acquire Cree Lighting Inc., including Cree Lighting Canada and e-conolight, from IDEAL INDUSTRIES, Inc. Both buyer and seller are private companies.  EdisonReport has confirmed the purchase deal with the CEO of ADLT, Sabu Krishnan.  Read the official ADLT press release here.

Cree Lighting had been part of IDEAL INDUSTRIES, Inc. since May 2019, when Cree Inc. sold its Cree Lighting business to IDEAL along with the right to retain the Cree Lighting brand.  In June 2022 Cree Inc. moved to focus on being a “semiconductor powerhouse” for the automotive EV and 5G network applications, selling the Cree LED (components) division to Smart Global Holdings, and later the same year transitioning its own company name from Cree, Inc. to Wolfspeed.  

The roots of the lighting company that became Cree Lighting lay in the brilliant work of Alan Ruud, the lighting designer and electrical engineer who started Ruud Lighting in 1982.  In a remarkable 1998 prequel to today’s deal, Al Ruud sold Ruud Lighting to then publicly-held ADLT – and then bought his company back from ADLT three years later in 2001, returning it to private status.  Just six years later, Al Ruud was one of the first movers to design and launch a full series of commercial LED luminaires for exterior applications, working closely with their LED component supplier, Cree, Inc.  In 2011, Cree, Inc. bought Ruud Lighting, renaming it Cree Lighting.

ADLT was started in 1995, perhaps best known for its Venture Lighting brand that started as a Metal Halide focused technology company, has transitioned to an LED focus.  ADLT has companies around the globe in the U.S. A., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.  ADLT’s Lighting group supplies materials, components, systems, luminaires and controls.