Join the IES LC Study Group for Exam Success

IES LC Study Group

The IES LC Study Group is a 10-week online program designed to help candidates prepare for the NCQLP Lighting Certification exam. This Study Group offers a structured and interactive approach to studying, featuring expert facilitation by the Lighting Agora team led by Gerry Cornwell, LC, with instructors Dan Blitzer, LC, and Tom Butters, LC.

The Study Group spans ten weeks, with one session per week for the first six weeks and two sessions per week for the last four weeks. Sessions are held from 7 to 9 pm ET via Zoom and cover a range of topics, including Lighting Science, Technology, Visual Comfort, Interior & Exterior Applications, Photometry, Calculations, Controls, Daylighting, and Economics. This comprehensive schedule ensures that participants thoroughly review all relevant materials and practice with quizzes, sample questions, and case studies.

It’s important to note that enrollment in the LC Study Group does not register candidates for the NCQLP exam. Separate registration is required, which can be completed at the NCQLP website. The Study Group is purely for exam preparation and does not guarantee a passing score.

The cost of the IES LC Study Group varies: $800 for IES members with a Lighting Library subscription, $900 for IES members without the subscription, and $1100 for non-members. Participants also receive one-year access to the IES Lighting Library, which includes essential standards and study materials for the LC exam. For more information and to enroll, visit the IES website.