NOVA Wall Wash Track from GREEN CREATIVE, Versatility Meets Wider Horizons

NOVA Wall Wash Track


(SANFORD, FL, July 3rd, 2024) – GREEN CREATIVE is proud to introduce the NOVA Wall Wash Track, providing versatile functionalities with uniform wide illumination. 

“We are thrilled to announce the inclusion of NOVA in our continuously growing portfolio of track light products. NOVA is a versatile wall wash track that simplifies specifications by combining all settings into a single SKU, ensuring uniform, wide, and precise illumination.” said Devin Jernigan, Vice President of Strategy, Marketing, and Innovation. 

NOVA is designed with cutting-edge optics and a faceted reflector, delivering wide and uniform lighting across expansive surfaces from top to bottom, maximizing the illuminated area with reduced number of fixtures. 

Featured with integral power and CCT switches, NOVA allows for field selection of three lumen levels ranging from 3,000lm to 5,000lm with up to 100lm/W efficacy, and three CCTs from 3000K, 3500K and 4000K at high CRI 90 for crisp light and color accuracy. 

NOVA is engineered with 360° rotating head and 90° pivot design for convenient and precise aiming of the light towards where needed. Simply Install, Select and Aim the light as desired with NOVA, in any commercial, retail, and hospitality applications, for creating efficient and uniform illumination effect on extensive surface areas. 

The sleek and compact design enables NOVA seamlessly blending into any environment, either installed alone, or work in combination with our ORBIT track and PXCYL cylinder track which designed in the same sleek and contemporary style, for achieving more diversified aesthetics and illumination effect. 

Detailed information and datasheets for NOVA Wall Wash Track are available at

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