A Giving Story on Giving Tuesday

By Frank Grobmeier

“Today is Giving Tuesday and Fanlight Inc., the parent company behind the NaturaLED and Plusrite brands, is sponsoring an Organ Donation Registration Drive among it’s employees and customers. They’re working with The Maddog Strong Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity to sign up people on the national organ and tissue donor registry. They’re also donating some of the proceeds from all orders placed today to the Maddog Strong Foundation (www.maddogstrong.org) so they can continue their work to advance organ registration to help save the 113,000+ lives in the US who are waiting on a lifesaving organ.

I know a lot about this because my daughter passed away last year from an asthma attack one day after her 18th birthday. She was an organ and tissue donor and her gifts saved 3 lives, gave sight to two blind children and changed the lives of countless others through her tissue donation. I’m the founder of the Maddog Strong Foundation as well as a Fanlight executive. I’ve been in the lighting industry for almost 30 years and the generosity of our industry never ceases to amaze and impress me so I had to share.”

Best Regards & Happy Giving Tuesday.
Frank Grobmeier

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