Aleddra Announces First UL924-Compliant Emergency LED T8 Tube

February 18 [addtoany]

Aleddra, a Seattle-based high-tech company, announces today a ground breaking product for lighting industry, the first UL924-compliant emergency LED T8 tube. This is the Generation 2 T8 with built-in battery from the company. Its Gen1 Battery Backup T8, with its easy installation and very affordable price, is fast becoming industry’s most popular choice of T8 lighting for power outage. The Gen2 EM T8 will be the new industry standard for emergency T8 lighting for it comes with these valuable enhancements:

  • Meets UL 924 emergency lighting requirements (official certification pending)
  • Battery shutoff switch for long shelf/stocking time
  • Can turn on and off with wall switch as a regular T8

Demonstration video link:

Gen1 T8 cutsheet:

Gen2 T8 cutsheet:

Both Gen1 Battery Backup T8 and Gen2 Emergency T8 are patented protected. Gen1 tube is for hallway, stairway, elevator, and egress lights where the light should be on 24×7. Gen2 tube is for classroom, office, and areas where the light should be turned off when nobody is around.

Gen1 Battery Backup T8 and Gen2 Emergency T8 are another testimony of Aleddra’s promise on Better Light for Better Life. Both are available for sales for US customers. For more information, please email or call us at 425-430-4555.