Another Degree of Control – A Unique Lighting System for Unique Lighting Needs

June 27 [addtoany]

The Audacy Wireless Lighting Controls System Installed at Colorado State University

In 2016, Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO started working with Fisher Lighting & Controls on the retrofit of several areas on their campus. As with multitudes of universities across the country, many buildings were becoming quickly outdated as new technologies were coming to the forefront and starting to be required for energy codes, especially in the western United States. As a result, the university decided to implement the Audacy Wireless Lighting Control System in several test areas across campus.

The Audacy System was installed in Centennial Hall, the Engineering Building, the Facilities office, the book storage portion of Morgan library, the agricultural research center (ARDEC) and the book storage building. Key benefits of the system for the occupants included occupancy, vacancy, daylight harvesting, scheduling and offsite control via the Audacy mobile app and web interface.

When interviewed, several of the CSU staff stated that the remote access feature was especially beneficial for them, whether via the mobile app or the actual Audacy remote switch. The facilities manager at ARDEC stated that he is responsible for several buildings, so if he hears about an issue at one building, he can access the interface and troubleshoot it without having to drive across campus.

The book storage facility and archives section of the library houses extremely historical books that have become very sensitive to light as they have aged. As a result, these books and documents can experience long-term damage if exposed to constant light while in storage. With the Audacy System, schedules and motion sensors can be adjusted to ensure that no light is shining on the books at certain times of day and when nobody is in the facility. Creation of zones within the space illuminate certain areas only when needed, which saves energy for the university and helps minimize the aging process of the site’s historical material.

Now, Colorado State University is pushing for renovations in buildings all across campus and is looking forward to determining other places they can use the Audacy Wireless Lighting Control System to see their world in a better light.






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