Confirmed. LIGHTFAIR Removes 28 Exporters

August 8, 2019 [addtoany]

Exclusive:  Must Credit EdisonReport. EdisonReport has learned that LIGHTFAIR has removed 28 previous exhibitors that they will not be allowed to exhibit at the 5-7 MAY, 2020 show in Las Vegas.  All 28 were removed for violations during the 2019 Philadelphia show. Some of those violations include:  subleasing space, violations of electrical policy and building booths that do not match submitted plans.  The companies that were removed are primarily exporters.  Also, there were an additional 20 companies that did not renew for 2020 that also violated policies and those companies will be barred from reserving space in 2020.  Beware that a few of these black-balled companies are soliciting existing exhibitors in an attempt to sublease space, which is against LIGHTFAIR policy.