Deco Lighting Restructures to Support Technology Play

February 20, 2020 [addtoany]

COMMERCE, CA, February 20, 2020–Deco Lighting is restructuring operations and financial affairs to support its growing wireless technology controls offering.  The decision comes after a year of difficult financial disruptions that included a cyber-attack that disabled Deco’s operating systems and engineering archives, resulting in substantial rebuilding costs and loss of revenue.   Deco financed the development of their new technology entirely from the cash flow of its business, the restructuring will also support access to growth capital.  Deco has launched Deco Mesh, a patented Bluetooth-enabled commissioning system.  The system is used in Deco Lighting fixtures, and both the technology and graphical user interface (GUI) are currently being licensed to integrators for the purpose of making their integrated protocol the industry standard.

“We’ve been developing our Deco Mesh protocol for a number of years and we’ve just started to see its success,” says Sam Sinai.  “Our patent allows us to put a wireless technology directly into our drivers, which means that we’re able to offer connected lighting out of the box as a standard with no cost premium.  This is a game-changer in our industry.  We would rather support our new technology innovations than spend our time chasing white goods prices to the bottom of the market.  That’s really what this restructuring is about.”

Bob Sinai, one of Deco Lighting’s co-founders, has stepped in to help lead the charge.  His twenty-five years experience in lighting controls and building automation provides grounding and direction.  “We’re positioned to be at the forefront of wireless technology.  Deco has always been interested in creating innovative, new products—our engineers and software developers are at the top of their game.”

Deco Lighting’s new CFO Craig Allen, who stepped in to replace Ben Pouladian, brings a new level of professional governance and transparency to Deco’s operations.  “I’m focused on driving value for all our stakeholders, which includes our vendors, channel partners and sales representatives,” says Allen.

The decision to focus on high-grade, specification products and wireless controls coincided with the addition of their Director of Engineering, Michael Bailey.  Sam Sinai and Michael Bailey worked closely to introduce new linear products as well as state-of-the-art glare control optics in an effort to differentiate Deco from the many manufacturers who were producing commodity products.  Deco Mesh was developed alongside these products and designed to be used for both commodity and specification luminaires.

“Deco has been around for fifteen years,” continues Sam Sinai.  “We’ve been through tough times before. We’ve always survived.  This time, with the right team in place, and the restructuring we are embarking on, it is not anticipated that the recent reorganization filing will have any effect upon Deco’s new product launch, customer service, and production of quality lighting fixtures and components.  As a further innovation, we are working on a residual income business model for our agency and channel partners that is enabled by the technology and embraces significant market trends in the smart-building space, including data collection, building management services, etc. We’ve become what we’ve always wanted to be—a forward-thinking, U.S technology company.  We intend to continue on as a market leader for many years to come.”