EdisonReport.tv: Hall 3, Always Free!

June 18, 2020 [addtoany]

In the last six weeks, EdisonReport.tv has been a huge success as a new gathering place for digital media.  The response has been overwhelming and the feedback validated our original premise that the industry wants one convenient library for content.  For instance, if a lighting designer wants to learn about UV, they can simply click Applications/UV, and get opinions from experts at the LRC and CIE. They can also hear from specific companies like Kenall, Current, and Xtralight and they can watch videos about specific applications such as subways, cruise ships, and even a bakery–all in one spot.

As the site began to gain traction, it was apparent to your humble editor that we were on to something big.  As the feedback rolled in and the site evolved, one question stood out:  How could we gather ALL of the digital content in our industry?  The answer was simple and we have decided to make uploads free for everyone. Unlimited.

Here is how it works. The company that created the content can simply click on the Exhibit button, and scroll to Hall 3. Agents and Reps are welcome to send videos which they create, but they should not forward videos from their manufactures.  Submissions will only be accepted from companies that create the content.

Thanks for the support and if you have questions or comments send them to me at editor@edisonreport.com