EdisonReport.TV–Free Video Upload Through June

June 2, 2020 [addtoany]

We launched EdisonReport.tv in early May and we now have over 400 links and we are growing fast.    The intent of EdisonReport.tv is to be a gathering place for digital content for the lighting industry.  We need your help as we build our database of videos, therefore, we are extending the one-free video offer through the month of June.

Let’s say that a hospital is interested in cleaning their rooms with UV-C.  They could go EdisonReport.tv and click BY APPLICATION and watch videos from industry leaders like Nancy Clanton and Mark Rea, learn about UV on Subways and cruise ships, as well as see examples from specific companies such as Kenall and XtraLight.

If you are interested in posting one video at no charge, please click here, scroll to Hall 3 and upload the video and enter the specific keywords.