Elemental LED Expands Blaze Linear Lighting Product Portfolio

May 8, 2020 [addtoany]
Reno, NV – Elemental LED, a leading U.S. based engineering and technology company that manufactures LED lighting solutions, announced today the expansion to its most popular BLAZE™ LED Linear Lighting product family with BLAZE™ SELECT Dynamic White Light System and BLAZE™ MINI LED Linear Lighting.
BLAZE™ SELECT Dynamic White Light System is engineered with dynamic, tunable white light delivering an impressive range of warm to cool light (2400K through 6000K).  This versatile light engine renders rich colors with a superior 95+ CRI, offers high-performance lumen output of up to 580 lm/ft, and is compatible with many popular lighting control systems that support dynamic white lighting and circadian rhythm applications.
BLAZE™ MINI LED Linear Lighting is designed as one of the slimmest form factors in linear lighting available in the industry. It’s offered in 12VDC and 24VDC platforms with a wide selection of popular color temperatures. BLAZE MINI is perfect for retail, shelving, display, and other small applications where space is limited and uniform, clean lines of light are desired.
“We are delighted to introduce the latest in linear lighting technology with these two new offerings in our well-known BLAZE product family,” said April Mitchell, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience and Marketing. “Market research and customer feedback provided the Elemental LED engineering team everything they needed to design these innovative solutions that move the industry forward.”