Emergency T8 Retrofit Made Easy by Aleddra: The Easiest Emergency T8 Retrofit Option Ever

April 2 [addtoany]

Emergency T8 Retrofit Made Easy by Aleddra
The Easiest Emergency T8 Retrofit Option Ever


Traditionally, when emergency lighting was required to be part of a linear fluorescent fixture, the fixture manufacturer would supply emergency ballast or ballasts.  In the event of a power outage the emergency ballast would supply enough power to re-light one or more of the fluorescent tubes in the fixture at a reduced lumen out-put. When LED’s retrofit tubes replaced the fluorescent lamps in these fixtures the option of emergency ballast went out the window. Why?  Because the LED’s require full power to re-light. Until now the customer with these retrofitted LED fixtures had two choices. The first choice was to buy and install an expensive battery pack that would supply enough power to light one LED tube in case of power outage. The second choice was to install, separate from the existing LED tubes, a strip of LEDs with a separate emergency driver. This like choice #1 is very expensive and difficult to install in the field.

NOW the customer has a 3rd and better choice! Aleddra LED Lighting is pleased to introduce to the U.S market the Aleddra Emergency T8 Tube. Features of the Emergency T8 Tube are:

  • More cost effective than the two choice listed above
  • Ease of installation, by-pass ballast and double-end wire the fixture
  • Indicator lights show the charging status
  • Button for testing the battery
  • Fits into any 4’ linear fixture
  • 90 minutes emergency power
  • 430 lumens
  • Operates with either 110V-277V
  • ETL certified
  • 5-year warranty

Video demo link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amvdkQimkQ0


NOTE: This tube must be operated on an emergency circuit (24/7).

Click here to download the cutsheet. For more information, please email info@aleddra.com or call us at 425-430-4555.

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