Energy Solutions International – Primed and Ready for Expansion in 2018

January 3 [addtoany]

Energy Solutions International is ready to hit the ground running in 2018 with an aggressive national growth initiative! Our leadership team is excited and proud to share our people, our amazing culture, and our unique partnership mentality with a rapidly evolving industry that is ready for something new! ESI will be applying a personal approach through the use of a variety of integrated channels and strategic partnerships, driven by our Made in America and IoT-Ready platform! Our efforts are all designed to expand brand awareness and to change the way the retrofit industry thinks about product lead-times, modifications, quality and care to job-site delivery, and the process of partnering with manufacturers – ESI does it right!

We believe in continuous growth through technological integration and entrepreneurial thinking – this is our solution-centric mindset in action. Our product development team is committed to launching a new product quarterly, and to providing new and innovative offerings to industry professionals. We also believe in the old adage, “people buy from people,” and that this requires an ability to build trust through direct engagement, by walking our talk, doing what we say, and by delivering through transparency with a culture that is rooted in integrity and an honest approach to providing solutions – this is who ESI is at our core!

Devon Anderson, added as VP of Sales/Channels at the beginning of Q4, philosophically believes in providing an environment that creates leaders, not drones, “when the team, at all levels, is encouraged to be creative, to participate, and be entrepreneurial; and when that same team feels appreciated, included, and secure – leaders are born and the customer wins!” He also believes that the industry needs to reevaluate and redefine its channel philosophy, “the industry has changed so much, and the old way of doing things is colliding with innovation and new opportunities – change is coming whether the industry is ready or not.” It is this way of thinking that is driving ESI’s growth initiative and channel strategy.

Our partnerships are centered around the IoT, national and international brand awareness, and channel specialization. ESI believes in a “total solution!” Today’s opportunities are more complex and require a mindset that falls well beyond the one-to-one replacement. Networked controls, commissioning, and financing needs such as Lighting as a Service (LaaS) are now a part of the ESI full solution package. We are being extremely creative in our outreach, and our CEO, Jay Barnett, could not be happier with the progress and vision on display, “ESI’s new strategy, combined with Devon’s leadership, energy, and passion, are already starting to create a national buzz and will ultimately cultivate partnership opportunities that will differentiate our brand in a big way!

Our preparation has seen the creation of a nationally-focused and solution-centric LCA (CLCP) certified salesforce, the hiring of a new marketing manager for a deliberate go-to-market branding campaign, and a re-defined channel philosophy strategically centered and operated within our regional teams deliberate territorial focused efforts!

ESI will also be at the following events, and Devon Anderson will be speaking at several locations:

  • GLOBALCON – Boston, MA — (Booth #215)
  • NALMCO – Louisville, KY – Spring conference (Speaking)
  • LIGHTFAIR – Chicago, IL — (Booth #843)
  • WEST COAST EMC — (Seattle, WA) – (speaking)
  • WEEC – Charlotte, NC – (Speaking)
  • NALMCO – ChampionsGate, FL — Fall Event – (booth #TBD)
  • NAESCO – ChampionsGate, FL — (possible booth)

You’ll hear from us quarterly: new products, successes, new partnerships, new opportunities, and more! If you have not met us, or heard of us – you will! But don’t wait for us – give us a call, and let’s start a partnership that is “win-win” and where the future begins with a promise that will always be kept – Energy Solutions International is the right solution for your retrofit and IoT needs!

See you soon!

Contact: Devon P. Anderson – VP of Sales/Channels (