Espen Technology Offers 10W TLEDs, Both Ballast-Compatible & BallastBypass

April 18, 2019 [addtoany]

Espen Technology now offers 10W, four foot TLEDs in both ballast-compatible (Type A) and ballast-bypass (Type B) versions. The ballast-compatible, Type A version is part of Espen’s RetroFlexTM family of plug-and-play lamps. The ballast-bypass, Type B version is part of Espen’s FlexTM family of line voltage lamps. 10W TLEDs require less power than the typical 4’ TLED, which maximizes the energy savings and ROI for an end user.

According to John Clancy, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Espen, “The Espen 10W Types A and B lamps are some of the lowest wattage 4’ TLEDs in the industry. The increased energy savings are critical for ESCOs and contractors trying to maximize ROI for their customers.” Clancy added, “Most competitors’ 10W Type B lamps suffer from flickering, however, Espen’s 10W Type B TLEDs are flicker-free.”

Both the Type A ballast-compatible and Type B ballast-bypass 10W 4’ TLEDs are offered in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K CCTs. Both types are DLC-listed, ULlisted, made of glass with 325 degree beam angles. The Type A 10W lamps put out 1650 lumens, while the Type B 10W lamps put out 1600 or 1700 lumens, depending on the CCT. The double-ended Type B 10W lamps work on shunted or unshunted sockets, while the Type A 10W lamps operate on instant start or rapid start sockets.

The 10W Type A & B TLEDs will be demonstrated at Espen’s LightFair International Booth # 2711. For more information about Espen’s extensive line of LED retrofit solutions, email or visit .

About Espen Technology
Espen Technology Inc. is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality, high performance linear LED lighting components. With operations and facilities across the
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