Exclusive Interview with Kevin Poyck, Market Group Leader Americas, Signify

October 28, 2019 [addtoany]

Your humble editor had a quick conversation with Kevin Poyck, the Market Group Leader Americas, for Signify.

Randy:  Congratulations on the move. You have a strong reputation, the Hubbell people love you and we hear great things from the Hubbell agents.  So why would you leave that environment?

Kevin:  I have always set high career goals for myself and there are only a few opportunities that come along like this.  I have 14 years at Hubbell where I started as VP of Engineering, but in order to keep developing and to move to this next level,  I had to follow this compelling opportunity.  But I am really proud of my work at Hubbell Lighting.


Randy:  What did you see at Signify?

Kevin:  I had several offers on the table and that were outside of the industry, and once people get in lighting, they tend not to leave. There were many things about Signify that I found compelling, but three things stand out: 

  • First, I missed working for a global company.
  • Second, I love that Signify is focused on technology. As an Electrical Engineer by education, I have always enjoyed writing software and tinkering with electronics since about age 10.   Signify has products that I can fall in love with and that is very intriguing.  It was a key driver for me. 
  • Third is reputation. Signify does a great job in developing people, and they are willing to invest in technology.  I know Signify well as they are a suppler to Hubbell and one of the best suppliers that Hubbell has.   I look at the investments and what Eric Rondolat has done with the team. As I met the organization it became clear what a great team he has developed.


Randy:  Will you move and what does your family think of this change?

Kevin:  The family is very excited.  My daughter is finishing high school and I have a son in college.   I will move now to the Somerset area and my wife will move once both of the children are in college and they are also excited. My wife and I both have European roots, so it is exciting to work for a European company. 


Randy:  When you left Hubbell did you tell them where you were going?

Kevin:  Yes, I was very open in the process and Hubbell handled it well.  I explained that I was exploring opportunities and had offers outside of the industry but I was also exploring the opportunity with Signify.  It was a fast process.


Randy:  What changes should we expect at Signify?

Kevin:  In my first 60 days, I plan to focus on three areas. The first is to learn the business. The second is to learn the culture, and the third is to have an immediate positive impact.  I am a very open-door type of person and people don’t have to guess what is on my mind.