Grocery Store Industry Turning To Espen Technology For TLED Retrofits

February 22

 Grocery Store Industry Turning To Espen Technology For TLED Retrofits 

Santa Fe Springs, CA   |   February 22, 2018


The Supermarket and Grocery Store industry makes up the largest food retail channel in the United States.  There are over 38,000 supermarket stores in the U.S.  A significant operating cost for these stores is the electricity used for their lighting.  In some cases, grocery lighting is on 24 hours a day.  Many grocery chains are actively converting their fluorescent linear lights over to LED tubes.  As a leader in linear indoor retrofit lighting, Espen Technology is now becoming a major TLED solution provider to the grocery store industry.

Some of the grocery chains that have recently relied on Espen’s TLED’s are:

  • Safeway
  • Kroger
  • Raley’s
  • Charlie C (NC & SC)
  • Roundy’s (WI & IL)

The most common TLED retrofits that the grocery store industry is seeking from Espen include:

  • Fluorescent 4’ T8s to LED Type A T8 lamps, plus updating electronic ballasts
  • Fluorescent 4’ T5’s to LED Type A T5 lamps, plus updating electronic ballasts
  • Fluorescent 8’ T8’s to 4’ LED Type B T8 lamps, using an 8’ to 2×4’ retrofit kit

According to John Clancy, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Espen, “We’ve seen a steady increase in the grocery chain projects.  They appreciate that Espen is a focused leader in linear LED retrofits, as well as the expertise and breadth of solutions that Espen provides to their stores.  The energy and maintenance savings have become both cost effective and compelling.”

About Espen Technology

Espen Technology Inc. is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality, high performance linear LED lighting components.  With operations and facilities across the world, Espen Technology offers competitive products with the highest quality. Headquartered in Southern California, Espen Technology is able to offer personalized sales, expert technical support, and efficient logistics to all of its customers.  LED products are designed and perfected with pride in the United States.