Hanley Wood, Parent of Architectural Lighting, has Layoff

May 22, 2020 [addtoany]

Architectural Lighting used to be one of the premier publications in our industry.  That was back when the well-respected Elizabeth Donoff was the editor.  The printed magazine stopped being printed and Elizabeth Donoff left.  For a while it was an online magazine and now it has been reduced to a newsletter.  Many of the articles are recycled or commentary from their sister magazine, Architect Magazine, who just lost their editor.  The major layoff at Hanley Wood will likely further erode AL.

They are not alone. In April, EnLIGHTenment published their last magazine.  The layoff and the closure are both a reflection of the current state of our industry. Fortunately, LD+A and LEDs Magazine appear to still be thriving, although with fewer advertisers.

Read the Hanley Wood article here.