Helping Reps & Small Manufacturers Deliver Higher Quality Lighting Design Assistance

April 9 [addtoany]

Knoxville, TN— April 8, 2019 — The O’Hanlon Group, Inc., has announced an expansion of design services to the greater representative agency and small manufacturer markets wishing to improve the overall quality of lighting design assistance to their customer base.

“I always felt there was the need for more meaningful lighting data than just footcandles on a page,” said Jack O’Hanlon, Principal at OHG, “and in spite of most agencies being fully capable of providing the empirical data to their customers, we felt that in using Lighting Analysts’ AGi32 software, we can deliver a higher quality result through visualizations that can be understood by everyone in the presentation process, which we think often ‘demystifies’ the meaning of the lighting info, as it were.” He added, “The end result needs to set your agency or manufacturing concern apart from your market competitors and secure additional business.”

Meaningful Visuals

By expanding the calculated results to include rendered, psuedocolor and raytraced images, the lighting concept takes on a far greater meaning, particularly to an end-user, often unsure of their project’s design intent, particularly given the myriad lighting choices in today’s market. “When additional design details are known, we include them in the design, particularly on interior environments,” said O’Hanlon, resulting in rendered images that are virtual snapshots of the built environment.

He added, “We want to help reps and smaller manufacturers enhance their market expertise and product demand by improving their design assistance deliverables.”

Assuring the Design Concept

Beyond the calculated results, additional data points typically include Lighting Power Density (LPD), luminaire quantities, input wattage, and total input wattage defined by area, and when required for exterior lighting applications, MLO and LEED SSc6 compliance. These sorts of deliverables will also ensure that a project design team’s vision is met through the lighting product selections.

Originally founded in 1990, The O’Hanlon Group was its own lighting rep agency until 2017, when they concluded an agreement with Southern Lighting Source to market lighting product and provide lighting design assistance to their network of sales offices.

The O’Hanlon Group can help set your agency apart through effective lighting design assistance.  See full lighting brochure here

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