Introducing Union Yoga: A Union Between Yoga and Lighting

Virtual corporate wellness packages to improve overall health through workshops, physical practice, mindfulness, meditation, and nutrition. 

Angelica Santana, Senior Associate and Lighting Designer at CM Kling + Associates in Washington DC, has been inspired to start another adventure, on the side, whose sole purpose is providing wellness programs to companies, teams, or groups within our lighting and design industry, via Yoga. It seemed like a good idea in the middle of this pandemic, when many of us were working remote and starting to feel a little disconnected from our teams. Hence UNION Yoga; a place to connect to one another when we can’t physically come together.  

Angelica has been passionately practicing yoga for many years, and to deepen her own personal practice, did a teacher training last year. Being immersed on a daily basis in this practice, she came out with a desire to share Yoga with others, starting with the people she knows, lighting designers, representatives, and manufacturers. The lighting industry has become so fast-paced, with so many deadlines, and just constant stress, that it feels like we could all benefit from a little wellness, and a little yoga. Union Yoga is about that, connecting the two parts of Angelica’s life, lighting and yoga, a union that will hopefully make our industry a little bit brighter. 


Instagram:    or   @unionyogadc 



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