Juno Lighting Group Receives Top Honors in Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards

Four Juno Lighting Group products honored for innovation in efficiency and design

DES PLAINES, Ill. — March 26, 2013 — Juno Lighting Group®, a leader in high-quality, innovative commercial and residential lighting solutions, has been honored by Architectural SSL as part of their third annual Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards (PIA). Four Juno Lighting Group Products, including the AccuLite™ Mini Security Light, Indy™ Hyperbolic Performance LED Downlights, Aculux® Generation 2 LED Precision Recessed Adjustable Luminaires and Juno® Generation 3 Trac 12 TL214 received top honors for innovation in LED technology and efficiency. The Architectural SSL PIA honor the most innovative LED/solid-state luminaires (SSL) and fixtures on the market, while also recognizing the companies behind the components that make up these lighting fixtures. In addition to delivering product excellence, the PIA awards honor companies that consistently deliver innovative products that advance lighting application and design, facilitate the development of solid-state lighting, create educational offerings, produce top-notch supplemental materials, and maintain truly functional and helpful websites.

Combining an attractive miniature ADA compliant profile and a low 6-watt energy draw, the economical and efficient AccuLite LED Mini Security Light provides a compelling alternative for security lighting at mounting heights under 10 feet. Dark sky compliant, this low-brightness fixture is ideal for lighting pathways and entrances in a variety of commercial, hospitality and residential settings, replacing low wattage CFL or incandescent fixtures. In addition, the AccuLite LED Mini-Security Light provides exceptionally long LED life and virtually maintenance-free operation, resulting in reduced maintenance costs over the life of the fixture. 

The Indy Hyperbolic Performance Series LED Downlights take the “quiet” ceiling effect to a whole new level. Their hyperbolic reflector design is so effective at reducing glare that, instead of “quiet,” ceilings have a virtually “silent” appearance. The downlights feature efficient thermal management, producing at least 70 percent of their initial light output after 50,000 hours and provide 25 percent or better energy efficiency, up to five-times greater service life and over 50 percent lower annual operating costs. The Indy Hyperbolic Performance Series LED downlights also feature a unique Lumen Depreciation Indicator (LDI) system that alerts maintenance personnel when the downlight requires attention or has reached the end of its service life, enabling building management to maintain light levels in accordance with the original lighting design, assuring optimum illumination for productivity and safety.

The Aculux Gen 2 LED Precision Recessed Adjustable Luminaires incorporate major advancements in LED efficiency, lumen output and optic design, allowing for a customizable product that provides significant energy savings. They are offered in three field interchangeable optics including 12-degree spot, 24-degree narrow flood, and 35-degree flood that mimic the performance of MR16 halogen lamps. The luminaires are also available in two lumen packages that offer significantly improved energy efficiency over the first generation and use a quarter of the energy consumed by halogen sources. The IC-rated luminaires produce 700 fixture lumens from just 13-watts, exceeding the performance of a 50-watt MR16, while the non IC-rated luminaires’ performance exceeds that of a 75-watt MR16 by producing 1000 fixture lumens from just 20-watts. The IC-rated luminaires are also ENERGY STAR® qualified and T24 certified with select housing and trim combinations.

Finally, first introduced in 2007 as a replacement for incandescent and xenon low voltage linear lighting systems, Juno Generation 3 Trac 12 TL214 lighting modules boast efficacies up to 57 lumens per watt and facilitates cut-to-length undercabinet, casework and cove lighting up to 478 lumens per foot. These fixtures effectively replace less optically efficient linear fluorescents and cold cathode with a long 50,000 hour life and operate off of conventional 12-volt magnetic and electronic transformers which significantly simplify and lower the cost of installation by minimizing the number of feed points. Featuring a clear frosted case for exceptional lighting uniformity, the Trac 12 TL214 LED lighting modules are available in 3 lumen packages, 4 color temperatures and tight 3-step MacAdam Ellipse color binning.

“Juno Lighting Group is committed to being an industry leader in the LED lighting space,” said Bill Morreal, vice president of marketing, Juno Lighting Group. “We stand behind the mission of the Architectural SSL PIA to encourage innovation in the development of sustainable lighting technology that pushes the envelope and delivers cutting-edge products that are suited for commercial and residential applications.”

To learn more about the winning products, as well as other high performance, efficient LED lighting fixtures for commercial applications, please visit www.junolightinggroup.com.


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