Krista Keay Promoted to Account Executive – Contract Placement with the Pompeo Group

August 1 [addtoany]


Keay will specialize in contract/consulting placements with lighting, electrical, IoT and controls companies

August 1, 2018

Krista Keay was named Account Executive, Contract Placement with The Pompeo Group in July of 2018.  Krista excels in recruiting a full spectrum of skilled professionals in the areas of lighting, electrical, IoT and controls.  Krista has been a major contributor to the leadership team for The Pompeo Group in a variety of positions since 2013.

In her new role with The Pompeo Group, Keay will be concentrating on contract and consultant recruitment in the lighting, electrical, IoT and controls arena for manufacturers, distributors, and design/engineering firms with a focus on placement of product, engineering, accounting, and human resources professionals in our industry.

Paul Pompeo, President with The Pompeo Group, says: “Krista is an extremely dedicated recruiting professional who has held several key roles for us during her tenure.  Her passion for success and her innate recruiting sensibility are two of her strengths. When Krista identifies and recommends a candidate, her clients know that the person comes thoroughly evaluated and well-matched.”

Here’s what one of Krista’s client companies recently said about her:  “Krista was a real life-saver.  We had unsuccessfully been running our own search before reaching out to Krista and were starting to get desperate.  Krista was able to quickly surface high-caliber candidates and was instrumental in helping us hire a great candidate.  We’d absolutely use Krista again.

Krista’s professionalism prompted one of Krista’s placed candidates to offer: “Krista was a pleasure to work with!  She’s professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. My entire experience couldn’t have been better.  I would recommend Krista’s recruitment services for any company.”

Recruiting is a real passion for Krista.  “I truly enjoy the process of not only helping our clients find the best person for their organization, but also helping our candidates find great opportunities to advance their careers and provide for their families.  I’m especially excited to expand the types of opportunities we can bring to our candidates by incorporating contract placement into our offered services.  I love being a member of The Pompeo Group and I wouldn’t want to be a part of any other firm.”

With Krista Keay specializing exclusively in contract placements, The Pompeo Group has added a new dimension in how they serve the lighting, controls, IoT and electrical sectors.  Krista can be reached directly at 505.271.5356 or via e-mail at

For more information, please contact Kevin Branham or 505.821.5533.