LEDucation vs. Light + Building; LEDucation Announced First

Your humble editor had an email exchange with Burt Grant, co-founder of LEDucation about the dates chosen for the 2022 show that will be held the same week as Light + Building in Frankfurt.  Burt sent the following message:

“We did our due diligence and back in December of 2019, as we had to finalize dates for LEDucation 2021, 2022 & 2023 to lock in the space at the Hilton.  At the time we checked all the major shows we knew of to try to avoid a conflict.  We did check Light + Building and they did not list any dates for the 2022 show.  Based on that, we finalized our dates and listed them on our website in February 2020 so everyone could check to see when our show would be.   Apparently, without checking to see if there was a conflict, Light & Building sent out their announcement in May 2020, months after ours.   I guess the question is not why LEDucation scheduled its show the same week as L & B but rather, why did L+B schedule their show the same week as LEDucation?    The problem is with L & B, not LEDucation…”

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