LEDVANCE and Snapcount Further Partnership, Enhancing Lighting Retrofit Contractor Product Offering with Sylvania Selectable LED Solutions

Naperville, IL: SnapCount and LEDVANCE, the makers of SYLVANIA general lighting in the US and Canada, have furthered their partnership with the addition of SYLVANIA selectable LED lighting products in the SnapSource™ Product Hub, an online platform enabling hundreds of lighting retrofit contactors and ESCO’s to access lighting products with ease and speed. This expands on the existing portfolio of SYLVANIA LED lamps and luminaires on SnapSource which provides prominent visibility of SYLVANIA general lighting products to users of SnapCount’s industry leading retrofit software, SnapCount. Through use of the SnapSource Product Hub, SnapCount users can digitally quote lighting products with product data straight from the manufacturer, providing manufacturers such as LEDVANCE with greater product exposure and insights into product usage trends.

LEDVANCE and SnapCount are also providing new contractor incentives including a free iPad with each new subscription to SnapCount lighting retrofit software. As the industry’s leading software, SnapCount enables thousands of users to complete full turnkey lighting retrofit projects with greater speed and precision. For more information on SnapCount and their promotion with LEDVANCE, click here.

Represented by a network of leading ESCO’s and retrofit companies, the SnapSource Product Hub provides manufacturers with the capability to populate and maintain a central repository of their lighting products for instant use in SnapCount quotations. In the SnapSource Product Hub, SnapCount users can search, price, quote, order and install lighting products from their preferred distributors, providing a seamless project experience.

Of the partnership with LEDVANCE, StreamLinx COO Jeff Seifert stated, “LEDVANCE is a leader in the lighting industry and brings decades of experience and street credibility with contractors with their trusted SYLVANIA lighting products. Their line of SYLVANIA selectable LED lighting products is easy to install and configure which helps contractors save time, money  and helps wow their customers. This is happening at the perfect time as the building community is focused on becoming more efficient and is enjoying a tail wind of available financing options to get projects approved.”

Charlie Harte, VP of Marketing and Customer Experience at LEDVANCE LLC, said, “Partnering with SnapCount as a participant in SnapSource provides us with a simple location to provide our lighting product data and have it readily available to thousands of retrofit professionals who use SnapCount for their audits, quotes and project installations. We’re looking forward to seeing product demand trends from SnapCount’s world-class customer base.”

About SnapCount: SnapCount enables lighting retrofit contractors and ESCO’s to complete full turnkey lighting projects in a fraction of the time and labor of traditional methods. With widespread industry use, SnapCount empowers users with the ability to develop retrofit projects at unprecedented speeds with increased precision and deliverables that blow the customer away. To learn more about SnapCount, visit www.streamlinx.com.

About LEDVANCE LLC: With offices in more than 50 countries and business activities in more than 140 countries, LEDVANCE is one of the world’s leading general lighting providers for professional users and end consumers. In North America, LEDVANCE LLC offers a wide range of SYLVANIA LED luminaires for various applications, intelligent lighting products for Smart Homes and Buildings, one of the largest LED lamps portfolios in the industry, and traditional light sources. The SYLVANIA brand leadership is a result of over 100 years of lighting experience and paves the way for future success. Further information can be found at www.sylvania.com.

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