Simkar Files for Bankruptcy Protection

March 8 [addtoany]

EXCLUSIVE:  Must Credit EdisonReport.

EdisonReport can confirm that Simkar has filed for bankruptcy protection in the Southern District of New York.  EdisonReport has received the Official Form 204 that lists the creditors and it looks like OSRAM SYLVANIA is on the hook for $203K and Philips (Signify) for $263K.

We have been calling Simkar all morning and  cannot get past the automated attendant.

According to Form 201, Simkar reports Assets between $10 and $50M and Liabilities between $10 and $50M.

In May of 2018, Neo Lights Holdings, Inc. acquired Simkar. In a press release dated 8 OCT 2018,  Neo Lights CEO, Alfred Heyer, stated,   “We are truly excited about this acquisition. It is in line with our growth strategy and will allow us to expand our current product line, and accelerate our LED smart technology into the marketplace…This is great news for our customers in the commercial, domestic, international, and government markets.”

The news today is not so great.