Leviton Acquires Canada-Based Viscor

November 4, 2019 [addtoany]

Canada’s largest independent lighting manufacturer will bolster Leviton’s expanding and diversified lighting product portfolio

On Friday, your humble editor had a conversation with Rich Westfall, VP and GM Lighting & Controls, Leviton, Tom Leonard, VP of Marketing and Product Management, Leviton, and Santino Nemi, Chief Operating Officer, Viscor

Rich explained that the acquisition was very complimentary to Leviton’s existing business because it brings in Medical, Institutional, and industrial business.    Tom emphasized the importance of the much broader opportunity to further expand their integrated controls strategy.

The closing has occurred and Mike Wiener, who has recently served as president, has left the company.  Santino Nemi will run the day-to-day operations and he says it will be business as usual.  Santino said that he is very excited because of Leviton’s strong resources. He went on to say, “Viscor will remain a proud North American manufacturer under this deal.”

I asked Rich and Tom why they made this acquisition give the current toughness of our industry. They explained that they were still very bullish on lighting and emphasized the great opportunity for integrating of lighting and controls.


MELVILLE, NY, November 1, 2019  – Leviton today announced the acquisition of Viscor, Canada’s largest independent lighting manufacturer, which specializes in lighting for architectural, commercial, medical, institutional and industrial applications. This latest acquisition reiterates Leviton’s commitment to strategically expand its lighting and controls product offering.

Established in 1952, Viscor is a family-owned and customer focused company that is committed to manufacturing LED lighting products. With more than 150 product families, 300 employees and a state-of-the-art, 200,000 square-foot facility, Viscor brings tremendous expertise, innovation and passion to the Leviton team.

“Viscor is a well-known and respected lighting company in Canada with a rich and innovative history,” said Daryoush Larizadeh, president and chief operating officer of Leviton. “By adding Viscor to the Leviton family, we will be able to provide a much deeper portfolio of lighting options for our customers. Equally, Viscor’s product portfolio will be further enhanced with access to our wide variety of innovative lighting control options.”

“Viscor and Leviton both share a common vision and values, so it’s exciting to bring our innovation and expertise to one another,” said Bill Wiener, chairman of Viscor. “We are pleased that Viscor will continue in the hands of another great family run company.”

About Leviton Lighting

Leviton Lighting provides professional lighting and control solutions for architectural, commercial, and residential applications throughout North America and the United Kingdom. The diverse lighting portfolio consists of innovative products from four distinct lighting hardware brands which are Birchwood, ConTech, Intense, JCC, and their fifth controls platform brand, Intellect. Each individual brand offers quality lighting and an integrated control solution developed for specifiers, distributors, and end-users. For more information about Leviton Lighting solutions, visit: www.leviton.com/lighting.

About Viscor

Viscor Inc. is a comprehensive organization that specializes in LED lighting products and metal fabrication. Founded in 1952 by Daniel Wiener, Viscor is Canada’s largest independent lighting manufacturer under the Visioneering, Certolux, TBR and Canflex Brands. For more information about Viscor, visit www.viscor.com.




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