Lighting Science Group’s Massive IP Suits. Why Now?

May 3, 2019 [addtoany]

Yesterday EdisonReport reported exclusively on the Lighting Science Group suit against many of  the largest players in our industry.  We thought most  of the IP issues  had been settled with the industry opening their wallets and giving their money to Philips.

LSCG attorney Kayvan B. Noroozi responded to us late yesterday.  We asked, “Why now?  There has been so much IP litigation over the years, why now? We have been told that  new investors have come in recently and they believe that IP is your biggest asset and  clearest path to  profitability.”

Mr. Noroozi responded,  “Lighting Science holds a deep patent portfolio reflecting its extensive innovative contributions to, and investments in, the LED lighting industry. With the industry’s incredible growth, LSG’s portfolio has become the subject of widespread unlicensed use. The company decided it has an obligation to protect its intellectual property.”

Read the 193 page ITC here.