LLT Launches New Performance Series of LED Lighting Solutions

October 9 [addtoany]

The company’s LLT PerformTech line of LED retrofit solutions offers standard and fully-custom solutions and industry-leading performance.

Harbor City, CA (October 09, 2018) – LLT, a newly launched California-based LED lighting manufacturer of high-output commercial and industrial applications, announced its new LLT PerformTech retrofit solutions designed for industry-leading efficacy and lumen output.

The new LLT PeformTech line offers a compact light engine with top-tier Nichia LEDs for concentrated and powerful lighting distribution. A single board performs at nearly 162 lumens per watt and emits approximately 5,400 lumens. Standard, semi-custom and fully-custom options are available for each product to meet each customer’s specific needs.

LLT PerformTech Zippy Kits allow customers to easily convert existing lighting fixtures to bright and efficient LED lighting. The new series of kits are available in 30-watt, 60-watt, and 90-watt models and square, linear or round layouts. Each Zippy Kit includes universal mounting plates combined with Magic Tabs for straight-forward installation in a wide variety of fixtures. Zippy Kits can be ordered in standard configurations or customized with one of three color temperatures (5K, 3K, or 4K). The 30-watt fixture can be ordered in a round configuration option with an Edison base that can be installed much like a regular light bulb.








LLT PerformTech Retro Kits are also available in 30-watt, 60-watt, and 90-watt base models and provide a fully-customizable lighting solution for any project’s unique requirements. Mounting plates can be made-to-order per customer specifications to achieve the perfect fit for each fixture. In addition, customers can define Retro Kit performance options, including color temperature, dimming, battery and sensor options.

“Our new LLT PerformTech LED light boards provide the perfect balance between the highest possible efficacy and lumen output,” commented Francisco (Paco) Palop, CEO of LLT. “I’m extremely pleased to introduce this new product line. With our modular approach, we are able to offer our customers hundreds of product variations to suit their needs.”

The new LLT PerformTech Zippy Kits and Retro Kits will be available to order in production quantities in October 2018.  Contact LLT for pricing and configuration options.

About LLT

LLT is a Southern California-based premier LED lighting manufacturer of high-output commercial and industrial applications. The company is owned by private equity firm, HCAP Partners, who is also represented in the company’s board of directors. LLT is dedicated to the principle of efficient and cost-effective energy use through innovative LED technology. The company is driving the LED lighting industry forward, defining trends with a passionate devotion to integrity, quality, and design. For more information, please visit www.lumlighttech.com.