LSU's Tiger Stadium Glows Purple & Gold with Insight Lighting



Rio Rancho, NM –  Louisiana State football fans were greeted on Sept 1 with a freshly renovated stadium, complete with their signature purple and gold lighting accents.   As part of a sophisticated lighting design by local electrical design group Engensus, the 89 year old Iconic football stadium features three separate design schemes.  Masque white LED fixtures stripe the 50’ vertical columns, Anthem LED fixtures illuminate the classic LSU letters on the back of the Jumbotron, and Medley X RGBW fixtures provide the color changing accents of the upper archways.  According to LSU officials, after LSU victories, the lighting will be programmed to saturate the arches in gold.  The fixtures can also be programmed to create additional colors for special events or holidays.   LSU fans expect to see their beloved stadium wearing a lot of gold this year. 


About Insight Lighting

Based in Rio Rancho, NM, Insight Lighting has been committed to exceeding expectations in lighting technology and setting new standards in performance and application for over 20 years. Keeping all production in the US, Insight is dedicated to creating the finest designs in linear architectural lighting, graphic displays, way-finding, luminous walls, ceilings and linear luminous lighting (Illusions). Insight has contributed to some of the world’s most notable structures. For a list of projects and products visit


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