Lumenetix Introduces New Saturation and Hue Mode


 (San Francisco, CA)  Lumenetix® announced today the introduction of a new Saturation and Hue feature for its award winning araya® line of products.

“The Saturation and Hue feature complements the high quality araya light and offers the lighting designer the flexibility to add varying levels of saturation and hue to a chosen color point”, said Jim Kingman, President and CEO, “It also responds to the demands of some lighting designers to provide warm light that is off the Planckian curve.” 

To implement Saturation and Hue, Lumenetix developed a new color software model. Using the Lumenetix® Light Commissioning Tool, the user first chooses a color temperature on the Planckian curve. The Saturation function then allows the user to move from this pure white point toward any fully saturated color in increments of 1%. The Hue function  allows the end user to choose exactly color by moving from red to blue to green and back to red in increments of 1%. The Saturation and Hue feature will be available in all araya Color Tuning Modules and is compatible with the Lumenetix  Light Commissioning Tool. 

“The addition of Saturation and Hue gives the lighting designer incredible flexibility”, said Jeffrey Saake, Executive Vice President. “In addition to our tunable natural white light, lighting designers can utilize Saturation and Hue to customize the illumination of different textures of walls, flooring, retail merchandise and interior and exterior landscapes with off-the-Planckian curve light. 

For more information, please contact Jeffrey Saake at [email protected]

About Lumenetix®

Lumenetix® designs and builds LED light engines for OEM sale to lighting fixture manufacturers.
The araya® line of Color Tuning Modules and Light Commissioning Tool was awarded the 2012 Light Engine Innovation Award at Light Fair International. 

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