Lumenwerx Launches Two Lighting Solutions for the Healthcare Market

January 7, 2020 [addtoany]

Montreal, Canada (January 7th, 2020) Drawing on their deep experience in the architectural lighting market, Lumenwerx recently announced the launch of two new products specifically designed for healthcare environments: CURA and RIZE. Developed following consultations with medical professionals, both offer multimode lighting options to promote patient wellness and support the work of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. What’s more, thanks to their compact aesthetic, both CURA and RIZE integrate seamlessly into busy medical environments.

Michael Simla, Chief Technology Officer at Lumenwerx, explained, CURA and RIZE were designed with healthcare staff and their patients in mind. We worked closely with leaders in the medical community to ensure that both products become the natural choice when sleek form factor, human centric lighting, and optimal performance are the main drivers.”

From function to finish, the CURA and RIZE lineups offer a complete rethink of the way lighting can and should be integrated into healthcare environments. With two distinct options, a discreet wall-mounted unit or a recessed ceiling-mounted model, the pair offers advanced settings for patient examinations, low glare luminaires with excellent color spectrum, optional integrated reading light, and more.

We’ve made every effort to ensure these new products meet the rigorous lighting demands of patient care settings”, Simla continued. “With both of these product lines, our approach was to create a rugged, yet attractive multi-function patient lighting solution.”

According to the company CEO and President Morris Feldman, It is the collaboration between medical and lighting professionals that led to the new product lines, and marks our growth in the healthcare segment.

After many hours of research, engineering and testing, Cura and Rize shine a new light on patient care,” he said. “We are evolving our offering at a fast pace to give our clients, end users and business partners a more attractive solution for healthcare lighting.”


Lumenwerx is a leader in designing and manufacturing luminaires for architectural applications. Their specialized portfolio incorporates superior innovation and precise engineering, with additional new products to come.

The company is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and has won numerous industry awards including a pair of 2019 Progress Report Selections from the Illuminating Engineering Society. For more, visit