LUXIM Introduces LEP 2.0: Simpler. Smaller. Smarter.

LUXIM, the world leader in Light Emitting Plasma™ (LEP), launches its new SMART chip technology at LIGHTFAIR 2013. Working with VeriSilicon, a leading Customer Silicon Solutions Provider, LUXIM scientists have integrated the LEP control functions onto a single piece of silicon allowing for LEP products that are simpler, smaller and smarter: Simpler, because the VeriSilicon solution integrates over 200 discrete components onto a single chip that integrates mixed signal, high frequency, high voltage and digital CPU functions; Smaller, because the chip has reduced the electronics footprint by over 50%; and Smarter because the LUXIM scientists designed the system to allow for more efficient startup, operation and control of the LEP light source.  Read more at

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