Global Marketing Manager – UL

August 20, 2019 [addtoany]

Contribute to a safer, secure and more sustainable World!

At UL, we know why we come to work. Thousands of us around the world wake up every day with one common purpose – to make the world a safer, more secure, and more sustainable place to live. We clear the way for our customers to introduce the latest products, technological advances, and systems in an increasingly complex world so they can provide peace of mind to the market. Our integrity is woven throughout our company and shapes the way we approach and deliver our solutions. We are proud that the work we do every day has a meaningful contribution to society. We continue to build upon our legacy of trusted expertise and partnership to keep our communities safe and secure as we march forward into the future. This helps us to sleep better at night, and we are confident that the millions of people we touch rest easier too.


· Manages a team to align products, services and solutions to market segments and prioritizes available resources, thereby driving clarity and efficiency in go-to-market execution. Oversees and collaborates with product, solution, industry, services and business-unit marketing functions and people to break down silos and bring the organization’s full portfolio to market in a way that makes sense to buyers and sellers. Develops and understands target buyers and markets, and distills information across the organization. Provides strategic direction on go-to-market implementations including; leveraging content frameworks that attract and convert prospects and leads, enabling sales to facilitate positive client experience and ensuring effectiveness of how products are promoted and sold.

· Go-to-market strategy: Business and Marketing Goals Definition – With the right vantage point, the go-to-market strategy is the unifying element that drives efficient execution and growth across the portfolio of offerings. The essential needs identification knowledge helps the organization know how to grow and be relevant in a mature market, identifies unmet buyer needs in new verticals and regions and enables feature and function rationalization to build in new offerings. Responsible for development and deployment of the go-to-market strategy including rationalizing portfolio, creating a unified go-to-market architecture and influencing new offering/ product development.

· Personas and Buyer Insights: Persona based marketing commitment: Influence front end development ideation and investment, provide critical insights for better go-to-market success and allow the business to ask the right questions before investing in new innovation. Audience-centricity is difficult to achieve without a deep understanding of buyers. Buyer insights drive upstream and downstream value. Responsibilities: Lead the development and deployment of the direct buyer’s journey mapping, orchestrate cross-functional persona deployment and create a persona feedback loop.

· Portfolio Messaging and Content: Shift from product to audience-centric – Ensuring that the organization delivers a consistent, buyer-focused message while continuously improving messaging with insights into the entire messaging cycle is critical. Messaging must continue to evolve through a full-circle messaging and content review that is driven by insights into how the messaging organization process is performing. Responsibilities: Direct messaging and content audits, align messaging to campaign themes and oversee content ideation and origination.

· Bringing offerings to market: Marketing, Product, Sales Alignment – Bringing consistency through best practices that ensure organization readiness for faster time to market enables the organization to get to market faster, measures how quickly the organization ramps up to targets and allows for monitoring above/below plan measurement that can be used as a baseline for continuous improvement. Responsibilities: Product/offerings launches across portfolios, collaboration on retention strategies and programs and establishing consistent launch dashboards.

· Sales enablement: Buyer’s journey and sales cycle alignment – Coordinated sales knowledge transfer programs avoid inundating seller audiences and maximize sales adoption across the portfolio. Responsibilities: Lead sales persona development adoption, align sales enablement to buying cycle and orchestrate sales knowledge transfer across the organization.

· Contributes to business success by performing other tasks as required.


· BS/BA degree in Marketing, Communications, or related field, plus generally 8+ years of experience including 3 years or more of relevant management/leadership experience and 3 years in a product/industry/solution marketing manager role.

· Expert and disciplined communicator.

· Strong collaboration skills.

· Strong facilitation, project planning and management.

· Strong business acumen.

· Strategic thinking.

· Negotiation.

· Team management.

· Budget management.

· Strong capabilities and experience working with senior leaders strong analytical skills.

· Sales enablement best practices.

· Process improvement.

· Able to understand technical and scientific issues and to translate complex information for non-scientific audiences.

· Proficiency in MS Office and experience managing and/or using a wide array of internal communications.

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