MetroSpec Technology Announces FlexRad® FacetCore™ Radial LED Light Source

FacetCore is reshaping how architectural light fixture manufacturers utilize custom LED light sources with their flexible and innovative technologies.

ST. PAUL, MN, February 17, 2021 – MetroSpec Technology, the leading American manufacturer of custom LED light sources introduces FacetCore to their line of flexible LED light technologies.

Less than an inch in diameter and producing up to 4,000 lumens per foot, the FacetCore 360-degree light source is a fully customizable LED light solution. FacetCore (patent pending) can be configured to fill any multisided or tubular fixture with incredible radial intensity and exceptionally uniform light.  Acting as a rigid filament, FacetCore is available in lengths up to 8 feet and is cuttable every three inches.  Fully controllable and dimmable, FacetCore is available in any color temperature and CRI, and is optionally available in tunable white, color, and tunable color configurations.  Spring loaded to hold firmly, FacetCore can be mounted in short or longer lengths onto a tube or rod at the center of a fixture.  No additional heat sink and only one set of wires are required.

According to Charlie Mockenhaupt, VP of Sales and Marketing at MetroSpec Technology, “Customers have indicated FacetCore offers clear advantages over other radial light solutions, including:

  • excellent uniformity at high intensity;
  • trimmable to exact fixture needs;
  • no additional heat sink is required;
  • greatly simplifies installation methods; and
  • extremely versatile; can be used in vertical or horizontal applications.”

Informational sheets and videos for FlexRad technologies can be found on their website:  For more information on FacetCore, please click here or email:

About MetroSpec Technology
MetroSpec Technology  is a LED light source design and manufacturing company specializing in custom flexible, high quality, high intensity lighting solutions tailored for light fixture manufacturers producing high end commercial, architectural, and hybrid lighting systems. MetroSpec offers quick development for all of their patented FlexRad LED light engines made exactly to custom specifications.  FlexRad designs are innovative, field proven and customizable to any shape and size with optional wires, connectors, or PMount press-in place fasteners.

MetroSpec Technology is located minutes from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in St. Paul, Minnesota.

MetroSpec Technology LLC
2401 Pilot Knob Road, Suite 108
St. Paul, MN 55120
Tel: 651-452-4800


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