Give A Light To Hurricane Dorian Victims

September 4, 2019 [addtoany]

Your humble editor interviewed John Salzinger, founder of MPOWERD (Micro Power Design) earlier this week and he explained the important role his company is playing in the Bahamas with the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

MPOWERD is a sustainable business model that provides solar lights to people in developing countries at prices they can afford. In addition, MPOWERD works with governments and Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) during times of crises, such as now in the Bahamas.

“We are getting thousands of our lanterns to the Bahamas right now,” said John Salzinger. He explained that there will probably be tens of thousands of lanterns shipped before everything is over. He went on to say that they shipped 80,000 in two months to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017.

The lights offer many benefits. First, they are inflatable so they are easy to ship. Second, they are charged with either a built-in solar panel or USB, so ideal for areas with no or damaged infrastructure. Third, and as important as providing light, they charge cell phones. The lights are waterproof, shatterproof and maintenance free. They are lanterns, not flashlights, so they can light a small area.

When disasters occur, MPOWERED has over 600 implementers across the globe that assist with logistics in getting the lights to the people who need them. Having clean light and communication is essential during and after a major event.

The lights are available online and range in price from $15 to $65. However, they do offer a $10 “Give” Light, so if you want to help the victims in the Bahamas, you can purchase one here and they take care of getting it to the people in need.

As a social enterprise, MPOWERD reinvests a majority of gross revenues to achieve sustainability, grow their reach, and ensure the fulfillment of their mission.

The lanterns seem to be a natural product when Mother Nature acts up.