Ooops…LEDucation and Light + Building Scheduled Same Week in 2022

Light + Building in Frankfurt is scheduled for 13-18 MAR 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany.  LEDucation is scheduled for 15-16 MAR 2022, in New York City.

This is the first time I recall two major shows ever being scheduled during the same week.  LEDucation and Light + Building have always shared the March timeframe.  In 2020, L+B was originally planned for 8-13 MAR, with LEDucation on 17/18 MAR.  In 2018, LEDucation occurred 13/14 MAR with the Frankfurt show the following week, 18-23 MAR.

During the 2018 L+B show, I was amazed at the number of US Lighting Designers in attendance.   Specifiers could attend Frankfurt on 13 and 14, travel to New York on the 15th, and pick up the last day of LEDucation on the 16th.  That is possible, but not very practical.  It puts a real burden on the manufacturers who work both shows.


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