Party Update: Artemide & LEDVANCE

May 10 [addtoany]

Your humble editor would like to thank whoever planned the Artemide party next door to the LEDVANCE party.  I literally walked 10 seconds between parties.

Artemide launched their  Y Collection, designed by Gensler Chicago. The new, flexible lighting system blends perfectly into the modern workspace and is simply beautiful.

LEDVANCE held their party at a 20’s Speakeasy, complete with a hidden entrance and a required password. I had a one-on-one conversation with Dr. Jacob Tarn, CEO of LEDVANCE who was dressed in the spirit of the party.

Managing Director Jim Johnson welcomed the group and made three major points:

  1.  LEDVANCE is proud that they build their filament bulb in the US and are creating US jobs. They can build about 4000 bulb per hour.
  2. As they transition and add fixtures, LEDVANCE is the fast growing luminaire supplier in the U.S.
  3. Customers are buying LEDVANCE product because of their people

In a quick one-on-one discussion, Johnson explained to your humble editor that their market share at Walmart has grown dramatically and that Walmart values their made-in-America products.