Patented Aleddra Emergency LED T8 Tube Now on DLC

June 17 [addtoany]

Patented Aleddra Emergency LED T8 Tube Now on DLC

Better Light for Better Life

Aleddra, a Seattle-based high-tech company, announces today that its Best Seller, Gen2 emergency LED T8 lamp, is now listed on DLC (Design Light Consortium) website, thus qualified for utility rebate application. Additionally, the company has been awarded by the US Patent and Trademark Office with the following patents on different emergency T8 designs:

· US Patent #10,123,388

· US Patent #10,225,905

· US Patent #10,237,946

The patented emergency LED T8 lamp is #1 in its product category for it is the most-effective emergency solution for T8 lamp with these features:

· 2-in-1 LED T8 lamp: as a regular T8 under normal operation, and as an emergency light during power outage.

· It can be turned on/off by a wall switch for use in classrooms or offices.

· It can also be wired for always-on lighting application for hallway or stairwell.

· The emergency light lasts over 90 minutes on battery.

· User-friendly battery shutoff switch on end-cap for long stocking/storage time.

· Once installed, its maintenance can be done by a custodian with lamp replacement. No more rewiring for emergency ballast.

· Light weight at 0.6 lbs, thus it doesn’t stress the lamp holder like a competitor’s product does for it weighs 1.5 lbs, far exceeding the UL weight limit on tubular lamp at 1.1 lbs.

· ETL certified and DLC listed.

· 5-year warranty.

· Highly cost-effective against emergency ballast and other emergency LED T8 lamps.

Demonstration video link:

Click here to download its cutsheet. For more information, please contact your local Aleddra agent or email or call us at 425-430-4555. • eCatalog • • P: (425) 430-4555 • F: (425) 968-985