Pathway Lighting Introduces CentralDrive

June 26 [addtoany]

OLD SAYBROOK, Conn., June 26, 2018 — Pathway Lighting Products, Inc. is excited to announce the release of CentralDriveTM, a system of low voltage LED lighting fixtures with drivers that are remotely located for easily accessible maintenance.

The reliability of LED lighting systems has been somewhat oversold by the industry. LED engines with proper thermal management last longer than any other commercially available source technology. Unfortunately LED drivers are complex electronic devices with multiple components that benefit from cool operating environments for long life. LED engines outlive their drivers, especially in high-lumen, tall-ceiling applications. LED fixtures with their promise of long life are often located in very difficult-to-service locations. Consequently there is a need for a system that ensures periodic fixture maintenance can be safely and affordably completed, while minimizing occupancy interruptions.

In the CentralDrive unit, line voltage connections, control electronics, drivers and all control and driver wiring are located in a wall-mounted panel. The CentralDrive panel can be located in an easy-to-access electrical and equipment closet. The panel can be located up to 200 feet from the LED fixtures. The only wires that go to the fixture are low voltage DC using only 18/2 shielded cable. The drivers and controls are now easy to access and away from the heat generated by the LEDs. This system configuration improves system life and eliminates the need for expensive lifts or scaffoldings to conduct occasional driver replacement in tall-ceiling and difficult to reach fixture applications.

Line voltage and control wiring is brought into the CentralDrive panel. The ceiling can be free of both line voltage and control wiring with all associated conduits and or cable trays reducing system installation costs. CentralDrive comes with built-in output monitoring for fault diagnosis, and the front cover is equipped with LED indicators to communicate status of each of the 10 available output channels.

CentralDrive extends the life of LED drivers, and makes replacement easy and more economical if there should be a failure. CentralDrive is available with most of our LED architectural lighting fixtures from 1,000 to 10,000 lumens and comes with a 10-year warranty. Download Pathway Lighting’s CentralDrive brochure

About Pathway Lighting Products, Inc.

Pathway Lighting, located in Old Saybrook, CT, is an innovative designer and manufacturer of specification- grade LED luminaires. Our product line is designed for the commercial and institutional markets and includes: downlights, wall washers, adjustable accents, decorative pendants, cylinders and emergency egress fixtures. As an independently-owned American lighting manufacturer, we are able to provide responsive technical support, as well as fixture modifications and custom products.

CentralDrive is a trademark of Pathway Lighting Products, Inc.