Please Welcome A.L.P. to the PPE Business

March 30, 2020 [addtoany]

A.L.P., in their Charlevoix, MI, plant has designed a face shield to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.  They rapidly reorganized tooling and production to manufacturer the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) face shields for front-line health care workers.

Last week, we spoke to Steve Brown, CEO, who gave us a few details.  Steve explained that the company was approached by Charlevoix hospital looking for PPE. He and his team immediately begin working on the design.    He said, “I was beyond proud to see how quickly we designed and tooled.” Within ten days, they have gone from design to manufacturing.

Brown says they can produce about 1400 per day, and they plan to sell at cost, which is in the $5 range.  He went on to say that several companies are now making similar products and he is pleased about that.  “We’ll make them as long as they are needed,” he said.

A.L.P.  is not alone, as manufacturers all over America are doing similar things to support our country in this time of need.

One of the unique features of A.L.P. model is that the plastic shield snaps onto the headband, and the shield is disposable.  So, the caregiver can use the same headband throughout the day and simply snap on a shield for each patient.

In addition, A.L.P. Europe, in the UK, is buildin