PLP SoCal is the New Name for SoCal Agency

October 1 [addtoany]

Updated Identity for Long-Time L.A. Agency

LOS ANGELES, CA — 10/1/18 — PLP SoCal is the new name for Prudential Lighting Products.  This leading agency has just unveiled their new logo and website.  This new name aligns with the company’s existing website URL and e-mail domain.

Prudential Lighting Products evolved over thirty years ago from the local factory-direct sales force for Prudential Lighting (the manufacturer).  This agency grew into an independent entity representing many of the lighting industry’s leading manufacturers and has become one of the largest agencies in the country.

Commenting on rebranding to PLP SoCal, company founder Jeff Ellis said, “It’s important that we retain our established values but at the same time develop a modern identity suited to the digital age.  The new name is simple, easy to remember, and in-line with our great heritage.  This is an exciting time for PLP SoCal as we’ve grown into a dynamic full-service agency representing a broad variety of architectural products.”

PLP SoCal represents a broad variety of architectural products covering all styles and genres for commercial, institutional, retail, hospitality, medical and residential environments, both interior and exterior.  Their product range includes:


·         Interior & Exterior Lighting ·         Lighting & Building Controls
·         Interior Shading Systems ·         Fans
·         Handrails ·         Site Furnishings


The firm has long been known for retaining long-term employees that have deep experience and knowledge in the industry.  PLP SoCal has offices located in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Santa Barbara, and has served the Southern California design and construction community since 1987.  They serve the construction industry throughout seven Los Angeles area counties.  Their website is  PLP SoCal can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.