Q-Tran Launches New Website

Q-Tran, Inc., the leader in LED and Low-Voltage Power Supply Centers, announces the launch of its new website (https://www.q-tran.com).

The new website provides access to Q-Tran’s technical and specification information in a fresh, easy-to-navigate format.

The aim of the new site is to provide visitors, customers, specifiers, installers and our representatives and employees access to all the information needed to educate, sell, specify, and install Q-Tran’s unique line of products in a simple, straight-forward way.

Q-Tran’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Gean Tremaine, adds, “Our team listened to user feedback over the years about needing quick access to cut sheets and technical literature. Given the volume of literature we deal with, we spent a great deal of time designing the new site with a back-end architecture that allows for quick downloads of brochures and technical information and integrated a search engine into the homepage. The new site will provide users the information they need, quickly, cleanly, and efficiently.”

The website highlights some of our new products, including the new QT and QO LED power supplies as well as our QTeLED and QOeLED electronic LED lighting power supplies.

About Q-Tran, Inc.

In 1993, Q-Tran, Inc. was founded by John Tremaine, an accomplished lighting designer who was born into a family of lighting entrepreneurs and innovators. He began his career with The Miller Company, a firm acquired in the 1930’s by his great grandfather, who founded the National Electric Lamp Association (NELA) before selling it to John’s grandfather. In the early 1920’s NELA became General Electric’s lamp division in Cleveland, Ohio, and was later transformed into a prestigious research institute that is still thriving today.

Q-Tran was established to fulfill a need in the lighting industry for flexible remote transformers that eliminate noise and heat while enhancing the quality of light output. Operating with the mantra “EnlightenedThinking®,” Q-Tran has pioneered innovative transformers and power supply centers to provide safety, reliability, performance and convenience. It was the first company to develop an entire power supply center designed specifically for low voltage lighting. Over the years, Gean Tremaine and Jordan Nodelman would take their place by their father’s side, helping to build Q-Tran into a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality, power supply systems, transformers and components.


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