Rebate Bus Pro: Simplified Utility Rebates

May 4, 2018 [addtoany]

May 4, 2018

Rebate Bus is announcing the release of its full-service solution, Rebate Bus Pro.

Rebate Bus is a technology firm specializing in the collection of measure level rebate data for utility programs across North America. The platform is kept up to date by relationships formed with industry partners and proprietary software developed to automate the collection and maintenance of the data. The data is collected at the line item level and includes all pre and post condition requirements.

The Rebate Bus data model has been built from the ground up and acts as a thread between all utility programs. When the data from Rebate Bus is integrated into a member’s system it can flow into project proposals, product web pages, and even marketing material.

The commercial lighting industry needs more than just data for managing the utility rebate process, it needs partnership and trust. Rebate Bus Pro is a membership program with a suite of services, dedicated to handling utility rebates from rebate estimates to submitting applications. In an industry built on relationships, Rebate Bus is a trustworthy partner for providing turnkey fulfillment on projects, delivering over $1.2 million in utility rebates to members so far this year. Our team is a young and intelligent group looking to form long term partnerships with our members that help accelerate their participation in utility rebate programs.

Rebate Bus Pro is the industry’s first full-service utility rebate solution. A membership equips commercial lighting companies with rebate estimates, site prioritization, rebate fulfillment and instant rebate delivery in select markets. Members can analyze, export and integrate our data with their own internal systems to simplify the experience of the utility rebate process. To get started, companies can sign up with a 14-day trial to explore the platform and request rebate estimates.

For more information please contact: and or book a meeting with us directly at this link.

About Rebate Bus ( Rebate Bus provides software and services to companies promoting the sale and installation of energy-efficient products for single or multi-site projects.  Precise utility rebate data, powered by Rebate Bus, delivers a simplified customer experience for a faster return on investment for energy efficiency upgrades.