SATCO Products, Inc. defeats Philips/Signify in International Trade Commission Investigation No.337-TA-1081

July 9 [addtoany]

Brentwood, NY – July 8, 2019 – SATCO Products, Inc., is pleased to announce the company’s victory in a patent infringement investigation before the International Trade Commission (ITC).

SATCO Products successfully defended the ITC investigation initiated by Philips Lighting North America and Philips Lighting Holding B.V. (now known as Signify) based upon claims that SATCO’s LED products infringed upon Patent Nos. 7,038,399 (‘399 Patent) and 7,256,554 (‘554 Patent), and thus violated Section 337 of the U.S. Tariff Act.

The initial determination of the Administrative Law Judge, dated December 19, 2018, found that certain SATCO LED products violated the ‘399 Patent, but no violation of the ‘554 Patent. SATCO appealed this decision on the ‘399 patent to the ITC Commission for review.

On July 1, 2019, upon review of the initial determination of the Administrative Law Judge, the ITC Commission reversed the initial decision based on a failure of proof of any of the asserted claims of the ‘399 Patent against SATCO. The entire ITC investigation was dismissed with respect to Satco and the other Respondents.

SATCO respects Intellectual Property and believes that access to the ITC should be a limited venue for U.S. based companies to assert legitimate patent and domestic industry matters. The fast-paced ITC has become the choice of Intellectual Property companies, including foreign entities looking to intimidate and coerce companies into licensing agreements. SATCO is pleased to have played a part in fostering free competition in the lighting market and will continue to defend and protect its products from claims.


About Satco Products, Inc.

SATCO, established in 1966 as a privately held New York based company, manufactures and distributes a wide variety of lighting products to an international lighting and electrical market. Under the SATCO brand (, product categories include LED, incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, HID and energy efficient lamps. SATCO also offers lighting and electrical components for the retail, commercial and manufacturing trade and consumer products such as nightlights, desk lamps, and surge protectors. In June of 2005 SATCO launched a new line of decorative and functional lighting fixtures sold under the NUVO brand (

In November of 2008, SATCO acquired the assets and hired key personnel from the Hygrade lamp company and relaunched the Hygrade line of commercial HID and fluorescent lamps under the SATCO umbrella of products.